Space NK Sale


When I first started in cosmetics, they never went on sale, like ever.  With a change in the industry, consumers shopping differently and so many brands available, everyone can have the opportunity to buy luxury beauty products, you just have to know to buy.  Space NK is doing their annual clean out sale with mark downs up to 50% off.  You should check out all their offerings because they have a ton of amazing brands on sale in Haircare, Makeup, and Skincare.  Here are a few of my favorites on sale

Caudalie Premier Cru La Creme $79 down from $158 - In my top 5 favorite beauty products, this is my go to moisturizer when I am over trying new things and just want my skin to look good.I’ve been using it this winter and as always, my skins been looking phenomenal.If you haven’t tried it, how’s the time to grab one.

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream  $49 down from $99 - Similar to the face cream this is also a favorite eye cream of mine.  Fine lines, dark circles, dryness, all taken care of in this kick ass eye cream.

African Botanic Neroli Infused Marula Oil $70 down from $140 - If you want supple hydrated skin, give this a try.I used it mixed with my face and body creams for 6 month (a couple years ago) and was completely obsessed.Easily absorbs for hydration and radiance.Definitely one of my favorite oils I’ve tried. 

Bakel Thio-C Serum $98 down from $196 - Even with the discount this ones a bit expensive, but I did try this a few years back and loved how much of a glow it gave my skin.The vials contain Vitamin C powder you mix into the vial and to use within 3 days while it remains active.I like to use my Vitamin C during the day, but this can be used AM and PM.You will definitely see a glow quickly with this active combination of Vitamin C + Glutathione. 

Natura Bisse Inhibit Tensolift $365 down from $730 -Now at the price of a car payment instead of a mortgage payment, you can try Inhibit Tensolift.Natura Bisse is, in my opinion, one of the best skincare brands on the market.This serum is designed to have a similar effect to injectables by relaxing facial contractions giving a smoother look to the skin.It’s pretty much the skincare product everyone wants, it just comes at a price.I honestly can’t believe they actually let it go on sale, Natura Bisse is one bougie prestige brand (I’m not mad about it though) 

There are a lot of other amazing brands and products on sale like Dr Dennis Gross, Revive, and Kevin Aucoin.  Head on over to Space NK and see what you can find.  Let me know what you get!


I've been a huge fan of Sunday Riley since I first tried her products and with my recent obsession with Vitamin C (I've tried like 6 different Vitamin C serums in the past year) I HAD to get my hands on the C.E.O. range.  I've been using it for over 2 months and have loved the results.


C.E.O. C + E antiOxidant Protect + Repair Moisturizer $65- It's call C.E.O. because it contains Vitamin C 5% (in the very stable, oil soluble form of THD Ascorbate) to brighten dark spots, prevent skin aging, boost collagen, and give anti-oxidant protection.  Exopolysaccharides - Comes from French Polynesian, these protect the skin from micropollution particles. Lastly is has Lime Pearl Extract for its AHA exfoliating benefits and Bisabolol derived from Chamomile to calm and smooth skin.  I love a cream with some texture to it, I started using this when it wasn't quite hot out and it made the perfect day cream, hydrating but not too heavy, as it got to humid and hot summer days I switched to using it at night and something lighter during the day.  Great all skin type cream, but oily skin may prefer it in the winter or evenings.


It's rare that I have a serum last longer than the face cream I start at the same time, but I'm still using C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum $85 and the cream is empty (I do tend to over use products and bring them all the way down to my chest).  The Serum contains the same Vitamin C at the C.E.O. Cream, only they use it at 15% for even more brightening action.  A Phytosterol Complex from soybeans helps reduce redness and skin sensitivity, making this a great Vitamin C for sensitive skin.  Saccharide Isomerate Extract helps with pore size, skin texture, and reinforces skins moisture barrier.  It also contains Glycolic Acid to mildly exfoliate and boost cellular turnover.  I found it interesting the Glycolic Acid also keeps the Ph of the formula balanced to stabilize the high percent of Vitamin C.  One pump goes a long way, which I loved because I normally kill a serum in 2 months or less.

After using these 2 products my skin definitely looks brighter, my pores have been non-existant, I've been in the sun quite a bit (with SPF) so I haven't seen my dark spots fade a lot, but I've been really happy with the results I have seen.  If you're looking for a glow, to even out your skin tone, and prevent future damage, definitely give the C.E.O. line a try. Available exclusively at Sephora and

I C, I C

The night of my micro-needling treatment, I starting the PerriconeMD Thio:Plex Intensive 2 Step Brightening System. This 2 Step treatment is designed to brighten skin, reduce hyper pigmentation, and lift and tighten the skin using potent active ingredients. Step 1 uses the "Thio Antioxidant" (Glutathione) a detoxifying and repairing agent.Step 2 uses high levels of a fat soluble Vitamin C, which does ya know, everything, brighten, lighten, and tighten.


Usage of this isn't exactly clear in the instructions, it says at night to do Step 1, wait till it's absorbed, then apply Step 2, wait 20 minutes, rinse off, then reapply to targeted areas.  After speaking with reps from the brand I was told to do this 10 nights on, 10 nights off.  The website says to use it for an 8 week period.  My review is based on the 10 nights I used it.

Perricone's consumer studies reported nearly 100% of users saying their skin was brighter, smoother, tighter, more youthful, and that it improved the dullness of their skin.  Here's what I saw...

Holy shit yes!  After a few nights of use my skin was GLOWING.  I passed on the '20 minutes and rinse" and just left it on, following with my night cream and tretinoin.  Mind you, I did just do micro-needling, an AHA peel, and was using tretinoin every night, yet my face didn't peel like it normally does.  My down time was reduced and my skin was back to its glowing ways and then some.  In just the 10 nights I noticed my concern areas (dark spots around my eyes) looking brighter, less dark. Pores were tight, skin was smooth and bright.  When I stopped my 10 nights my skin did start to look a little less bright, so I plan on starting back up and using it every night for the 8 recommended weeks to see what kind of results I get.  If you are sensitive to smell, be warned, Step 1 does smell like absolute sadness (think a fish market on a hot day), and while it does linger, the results more than make up for the smell.

If you're looking for an intensive brightening boost to your routine, consider trying Thio:Plex $145, you won't be disappointed!

Under The Sheets

It's not secret I have an obsession with Korean skincare, they just really know what's up.  The biggest Korean skincare trend to make it stateside is sheet masks.  I may have gone a bit overboard on ordering sheet masks from Korea and buy them at every store I can find them in, but these quick fixes are such a fun supplement to your skincare routine.  It's nice having a variety so you can pick one according to your current skin concern.  Here are just a few I've been using recently.


I am all about brightening.  I want all that sun damage I caused in the tanning bed to fade faster than its popping up.  The Innisfree intensive Ampoules Mask [vita C] is one of my new favorites.  I ordered it a quiet a few month ago but just recently used it.  It contains a Vitamin C Ampoule (fancy name for serum) that you apply first, then lay the sheet mask over top.  My skin was glowing the next day, exactly what I needed after my recent travels and lack of sleep. 4/5 Stars available at for $4


If you're a skincare junkie, Facebooks creepy algorithms have taken notice and you've seen the ads for the Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask.  If I see an offer for free beauty products you know I'll be the first one on board.  They apparently knew how obsessed I am and sent me 2 sheet masks (on different days) so I mean, I had to write a review.  Upon opening the mask I though it was going to rip the mask apart accident Because they don't put the clear divider in there, probably more eco friendly, but it was sturdy and highly saturated in formula. I left it on about 20 minutes, it still hadn't dried at all, but I was hungry and wanted a snack.  It definitely left my skin feeling super hydrated, but I didn't really notice any other benefits.  4/5 stars, great for anyone looking for a boost in hydration and like clean and organic products. $7.99 for 1 and $38.50 for a pack of 6 at or on


When I think of donkeys, the first thing I think about is most definitely not their milk.  Thankfully the Koreans have other opinions on the matter.  When a super nice girl I met on New Years (thank Eunice!) messaged me that she wanted to send me some Donkey Milk sheet masks, I obviously was over the top excited.  Now I can't read Korean for the details on these, but I'll tell you they feel like happiness and dreams.  The serum has a very milky texture and stay moist on the sheet for longer than my attention span will allow Otto stay on.  It left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. 5/5 Stars $WhoKnows, available from your super cool Korean friend.


Now if you don't want to play games and want some serious results, then you need to turn to the gold standard in sheet masks, Knesko Skin.  First let me tell you about the founder Lejla Cas, if you ever meet her while she is in a spa selling, you'll buy everything she tells you too.  She's stunning, has flawless skin, a soothing accent, and the most calming demeanor, she could tell me eating gravel off the 405 would get rid of dark circles and I'd believe her, but I doubt she would.  Her masks are free of junk ingredients and packed full of actives.  There Diamond Radiance and Nanogold Repair masks for both eyes and face.  These masks are amazing after a chemical peel or for an intense boost to your routine.  They soothe, repair, firm, lift, hydrate, help with puffiness and dark circles, you name it.  At $150 for a 4 pack of masks and $60 for 6ct eye, these masks aren't exactly your impulse purchase, but maybe the fact that I give them a 6/5 stars and that they're amazing will make you run out and grab them.  Available at high end spas such as Canyon Ranch and Four Seasons, Nigels Beauty Emporium In North Hollywood, and

I'm Burning Up Baby

Some like the leafs changing colours, some like the cold weather accessories, some like the Pumpkin Spice everything, but my favorite part of the fall, other than not having to deal with Hollywood Bowl traffic, is all the peels I can use!  I'm fortunate enough to have friends that give me professional strength peels that I'm able to do at home, but then I find an at home peel that I'm completely obsessed with!  


Being the hippie that I am, I love an effective natural brand, Korres is one of those brands that every time I try a product from them I'm so surprised at how much I love it, mostly because it's so affordable. The Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel is one of my new favorites, I started with just a sample and had to get the full size.  It's a 2 Step system starting with an Aloe based gel, it contains 10% fruit, Glycolic, and lactic AHAs, so that sits for 30 seconds, then Step 2 is a rich cream with another 10% AHA and pomegranate enzymes.  It also contains stabilizing Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

 Korres boats some impressive user results (Check out their website) and I noticed how great my skin looked instantly.  My skin was super soft, not dry or irritated as it often is after a professional strength peel, but still had the same smoothness.  Pore looked smaller, fine lines softened, brighter more radiant skin, it fantastic.  I've only been using it a few months, but I think with continued use it will definitely brighten some dark spots.  Did I mention that is smells like happiness and dreams?The whole Wild Rose line does (the exfoliating cleanser was the first product I tried in the line and it's great).  

I recommend this for anyone who wants an effective at home peel. I used it in the summer, when I normally do not do peels because of so much sun exposure, and had no adverse reactions or irritation (just wear sunscreen)

5/5 Stars  $64 at your local Sephora