Mission Multi-Mask

I would say that I was having a pre-travel mask night but I do masks 3-5 times a week, so I was just having a special 2 Part mask night.  Multi-Masking is my favorite because I just feel like I accomplished soooo much.  I started my night with the TaTa Harper Moisture Mask as I knew my skin would be drying out from flying, but my pores have been so clogged from heat and sweat, so I used the The Face Shop Blackhead Out Nose Strip to rip out some black heads.

After I rinsed the mask off I noticed how tired my eyes looked and that the pores on the sides of my nose were super clogged too.  I grabbed the Skinfood Egg White Pack Peel Off which includes strips for nose and in the same box, strips for forehead and chin, but since I have facial hair, the chin triangle won't stick in my chin, so I cut it in half and used it on the congested sides of my nose (shown in the pic) which ended up working out really good!  The Skin Food Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet is another favorite of mine since it's so inexpensive and works great, I buy them 10 at a time (they are NEVER in stock because everyone buys them up!).

While I let those masks do their job, I laid back on my Heavenly Acupressure Mat.  If you don't have one, and you have back pain, you need to get one immediately.  My friend Nina recommended it to me and I lay on it at least 15minutes every night before bed and it knocks me right out!  If you've never had any type of acupuncture or have a low tolerance to pain, just lay with your shirt on the first few times, after that you'll be so hooked you'll crave it, I've fallen asleep on it a few times.  I especially love the head piece, it's like someone giving you a scalp massage.

Woke up looking fresh faced and poreless, ready to pack my suitcase in the 30 minutes I allocated to getting ready for TX after hitting snooze 8 times... I'm clearly not a morning person...

Under The Sheets

It's not secret I have an obsession with Korean skincare, they just really know what's up.  The biggest Korean skincare trend to make it stateside is sheet masks.  I may have gone a bit overboard on ordering sheet masks from Korea and buy them at every store I can find them in, but these quick fixes are such a fun supplement to your skincare routine.  It's nice having a variety so you can pick one according to your current skin concern.  Here are just a few I've been using recently.


I am all about brightening.  I want all that sun damage I caused in the tanning bed to fade faster than its popping up.  The Innisfree intensive Ampoules Mask [vita C] is one of my new favorites.  I ordered it a quiet a few month ago but just recently used it.  It contains a Vitamin C Ampoule (fancy name for serum) that you apply first, then lay the sheet mask over top.  My skin was glowing the next day, exactly what I needed after my recent travels and lack of sleep. 4/5 Stars available at innisfreeworld.com for $4


If you're a skincare junkie, Facebooks creepy algorithms have taken notice and you've seen the ads for the Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask.  If I see an offer for free beauty products you know I'll be the first one on board.  They apparently knew how obsessed I am and sent me 2 sheet masks (on different days) so I mean, I had to write a review.  Upon opening the mask I though it was going to rip the mask apart accident Because they don't put the clear divider in there, probably more eco friendly, but it was sturdy and highly saturated in formula. I left it on about 20 minutes, it still hadn't dried at all, but I was hungry and wanted a snack.  It definitely left my skin feeling super hydrated, but I didn't really notice any other benefits.  4/5 stars, great for anyone looking for a boost in hydration and like clean and organic products. $7.99 for 1 and $38.50 for a pack of 6 at Orgaid.com or on Amazon.com


When I think of donkeys, the first thing I think about is most definitely not their milk.  Thankfully the Koreans have other opinions on the matter.  When a super nice girl I met on New Years (thank Eunice!) messaged me that she wanted to send me some Donkey Milk sheet masks, I obviously was over the top excited.  Now I can't read Korean for the details on these, but I'll tell you they feel like happiness and dreams.  The serum has a very milky texture and stay moist on the sheet for longer than my attention span will allow Otto stay on.  It left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. 5/5 Stars $WhoKnows, available from your super cool Korean friend.


Now if you don't want to play games and want some serious results, then you need to turn to the gold standard in sheet masks, Knesko Skin.  First let me tell you about the founder Lejla Cas, if you ever meet her while she is in a spa selling, you'll buy everything she tells you too.  She's stunning, has flawless skin, a soothing accent, and the most calming demeanor, she could tell me eating gravel off the 405 would get rid of dark circles and I'd believe her, but I doubt she would.  Her masks are free of junk ingredients and packed full of actives.  There Diamond Radiance and Nanogold Repair masks for both eyes and face.  These masks are amazing after a chemical peel or for an intense boost to your routine.  They soothe, repair, firm, lift, hydrate, help with puffiness and dark circles, you name it.  At $150 for a 4 pack of masks and $60 for 6ct eye, these masks aren't exactly your impulse purchase, but maybe the fact that I give them a 6/5 stars and that they're amazing will make you run out and grab them.  Available at high end spas such as Canyon Ranch and Four Seasons, Nigels Beauty Emporium In North Hollywood, and KneskoSkin.com