I am a makeup artist and cosmetic industry professional of 15 years, as well as a life long product junkie.  To me, every product I get is the answer to all my problems, and it is, until the next one comes along.  My time in the beauty industry has given me access to all the products in the world, from $5 drug store cleansers to $500 luxury face creams.  My obsession with skincare has me researching ingredients and formulations, searching for the most efficacious products. 

While I take care of my outer appearance, a healthy lifestyle is also very important to me. Growing up with a Naturopathic Dr for a mother has given me the privilege of 24/7 nutrition advice.  Taking supplements and keeping a clean diet helps me to keep my insides healthy and young as well as my outsides. 

Here you will read about all the life changing (and not so life changing) products I've used.  I give products a fair try, usually at least 30 days, and more if I really enjoy them.  Am I the total authority on products?  Probably, but then there's a chance a product I couldn't stand may be the best thing you've ever used, and if it is, I would love to hear about it! 

Youth Is A Choice #Forever27