Icelandic Relief

Out of all the types skincare products, the one I am most particular about is my eye cream.  Why?  They either work or they don't, there's no real in between.  Let's talk about eyes, they are the first to show signs of aging because they have the thinnest skin on the face, so you see all that stagnant blood underneath; they're constantly moving, all blinking and shit, creating fine lines, plus smiling moves the thin skin on the sides creating crows feet.  Oh you had a rough night sleep?  You drank too much? Basically your eyes are just going to say a big "fuck you, we're gonna make you look old".  Now Botox will help with crows feet and filler will help with dark circles and fine lines, but when you're forking $4k+ a year just to get your eyes looking less than dead, you search for other options.


Over the years I've found a handful of eye creams that have made a real difference, most over $100, so I was beyond thrilled when I tried the $45 Icelandic Relief Eye Cream from Skyn Iceland.  I'm obsessed with their Hydra Cool Firming Eye Gels (they adhere to your skin so you can move around instead of laying still for 15min) so when Skyn Iceland had a special that included an eye cream I figured I'd give it a try.  Now I have a long ass queue of products in my closet of happiness, so thissat right in the back for a few months.  I typically use an eye serum then a cream over top, sometimes a different cream for am and pm.  I had 3 products I was using for about a month when my eyes said "bro, chill out" and started looking all kinds of irritated and old, I turned to my closet and looked for the most natural formula I could find.  I tossed all my other eye products to the side and just used the Icelandic Relief Eye Cream.  Immediately my eyes felt hydrated and less irritated. Within a week my eyes started looking brighter, and continued to look better and better.  I only needed the smallest pea size amount of this oddly textured cream, which feels like a fluffy cottage cheese.  I tried bringing back in a 2nd eye cream/serum but this was working so good alone, I continued to use it am and pm until the sad day that it ran out. 

Key Ingredients:

Saponaria Pumila: A plant that survived the Ice Age, it contains stem cells that that stimulate eye regeneration helping smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while reducing puffiness.
White Lily, Pfaffia, and Marapuama: Improve microcirculation, lock in moisture and help diminish pesky dark circles.
Rice Peptides: Help destroy the enzyme that breaks down collagen.

If you want a bomb eye cream, no matter your budget, definitely give the Icelandic Relief Eye Cream a go.($3.50 off with code MAGICLINKS350)  I hope you're pleasantly surprised like I was.

My other favorites, in the order I found them over the years and what they helped me with.

La Mer Eye Concentrate $205- dark circle

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye Lift $210- dark circles, lid lift, hydration

Caudalie Premier Cru $99- hydration, dark circles, fine lines

PerriconeMD Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum $120- lid lift, skin tightening, fine lines


I've been putting off microneedling and my skin is starting to look meh, so I decided I needed a night of multi masking.


1. Milk Makeup Urban Defense Mask to cleanse and take off the makeup I off the makeup I had been playing with.


2. Mixed Sunday Riley Good Genes lactic acid treatment with Apivita Green Clay Mask for some deep cleaning and exfoliation.  


3. Removed that with Tatcha's Rice Enzyme cleanser for even more exfoliation


4. Ended my masking with the Skyn Iceland Firming Face Gel and Firming Eye Gels, obsessed with these, but forgot I ran out of the ones for forehead


5. As the last in my nighttime treatment I used some of the last bit of my Cle de Peau La Crรจme, I'm gonna miss it... :(