Bon Anniversaire Botox!



10 years I got Botox done for the first time by the phenomenal Dr Lisa Ginn in DC.  She made me look how I had always dreamed, frozen. Over the years as the appearance I wanted changed, Dr Ginn gave me a more natural effect and to this day no one has made me look and feel better.

Showing off my non-expression the first time I had Botox with my girl Any

Showing off my non-expression the first time I had Botox with my girl Any

I started doing Botox at such a young age to prevent getting older.  If you can't make the expression, you can't get the wrinkle, right?  I mean, I know I'm right.  Besides the preventative measures, it gives you the look of 8 hours of rest no matter how much sleep you've gotten, it's fucking magic.  Just to clarify, Botox gets rid of wrinkles, but it doesn't make your skin pretty.  You still need good skincare, otherwise you'll have crap looking skin with no lines.  It does not look good.  You need to do both.

Thousands of injections later, I'm on to a new chapter in my quest for youth.  I discovered Good Skin in Brentwood through a friend of my brothers.  This Anti-Aging Clinic is exactly what I'm looking for for right now.  Dr Lisa Goodman has worked with some of the best dermatologist and plastic surgeons.  Always looking to better her skills, she sought after the newest techniques, which brought her to Paris, where she still continues to go to learn the newest and most advanced methods. 

Did you know, Europe usually receives new injectables way before the US?  This gives them much more time to develop techniques.

I'm going to try and summarize this as best I can (Definitely see Dr Goodman, her explanation had me sold before she could finish).  At Good Skin, they create a Tailored Treatment Plan to address current signs of aging and prevent future ones.  Dr Goodman gives you a prioritized list of services that can help you achieve a natural youthful appearance.  I looked at her clients before and after photos, and holy shit, men and women looked like better versions of themselves, not like that had been completely overhauled.  Her techniques strengthen the skin so that you don't need tons of Botox, your face will have movement, it will look fresh.  She does treatments over time that build on each other to treat and prevent, so over time your treatments may change, you may need less of them, or different treatments each visit. 

As I happened upon another birthday last week, my eyes have been my biggest concern lately: crows feet when I smile and my brows naturally arch really high (drives me nuts).  Dr Goodman recommended some Botox to drop my brow, but strengthen my inner brow so my brows look straighter and more masculine.  Botox and filler on men can give a very feminine appearance, Dr Goodman addresses this with customized techniques to give a more masculine look.  Since I smile with my eyes, Botox around the lower part of the eyes can give a very plastic smile (I've had it, didn't hate it).  So to help smooth out my under eyes, she injects Juvederm VoBella through a cannula (check my Instagram video).  It felt weird as fuck, but I was so into it.  It's a flexible needle that goes under the muscle of your cheek to safely put filler under the eyes. (I chose no numbing, but you can definitely get it). Immediately I looked fresher, no bruising (some may, but I typically don't bruise from filler).  I can't wait for the Botox to kick in to see the full results!


My Tailored Plan has another treatment to help with my under eyes in the future, but what I'm really excited about is the lift for my jaw line, to sculpt my jaw and to prevent neck sagging.  I saw her before and after on one man and was about to max out a credit card to get it done right then.

Moral of the story, if you're scared about getting Botox and filler because of pain or an unnatural look, there are so many options out there, just do your research!  

Dr Lisa Ginn SKINN @ LRG in DC (she also gave me the best lips I've ever had, and I've been to a certain Kardashian Dr)

Dr Lisa Goodman @ Good Skin Brentwood 

I guess I really like doctors names Lisa...