Bon Anniversaire Botox!



10 years I got Botox done for the first time by the phenomenal Dr Lisa Ginn in DC.  She made me look how I had always dreamed, frozen. Over the years as the appearance I wanted changed, Dr Ginn gave me a more natural effect and to this day no one has made me look and feel better.

Showing off my non-expression the first time I had Botox with my girl Any

Showing off my non-expression the first time I had Botox with my girl Any

I started doing Botox at such a young age to prevent getting older.  If you can't make the expression, you can't get the wrinkle, right?  I mean, I know I'm right.  Besides the preventative measures, it gives you the look of 8 hours of rest no matter how much sleep you've gotten, it's fucking magic.  Just to clarify, Botox gets rid of wrinkles, but it doesn't make your skin pretty.  You still need good skincare, otherwise you'll have crap looking skin with no lines.  It does not look good.  You need to do both.

Thousands of injections later, I'm on to a new chapter in my quest for youth.  I discovered Good Skin in Brentwood through a friend of my brothers.  This Anti-Aging Clinic is exactly what I'm looking for for right now.  Dr Lisa Goodman has worked with some of the best dermatologist and plastic surgeons.  Always looking to better her skills, she sought after the newest techniques, which brought her to Paris, where she still continues to go to learn the newest and most advanced methods. 

Did you know, Europe usually receives new injectables way before the US?  This gives them much more time to develop techniques.

I'm going to try and summarize this as best I can (Definitely see Dr Goodman, her explanation had me sold before she could finish).  At Good Skin, they create a Tailored Treatment Plan to address current signs of aging and prevent future ones.  Dr Goodman gives you a prioritized list of services that can help you achieve a natural youthful appearance.  I looked at her clients before and after photos, and holy shit, men and women looked like better versions of themselves, not like that had been completely overhauled.  Her techniques strengthen the skin so that you don't need tons of Botox, your face will have movement, it will look fresh.  She does treatments over time that build on each other to treat and prevent, so over time your treatments may change, you may need less of them, or different treatments each visit. 

As I happened upon another birthday last week, my eyes have been my biggest concern lately: crows feet when I smile and my brows naturally arch really high (drives me nuts).  Dr Goodman recommended some Botox to drop my brow, but strengthen my inner brow so my brows look straighter and more masculine.  Botox and filler on men can give a very feminine appearance, Dr Goodman addresses this with customized techniques to give a more masculine look.  Since I smile with my eyes, Botox around the lower part of the eyes can give a very plastic smile (I've had it, didn't hate it).  So to help smooth out my under eyes, she injects Juvederm VoBella through a cannula (check my Instagram video).  It felt weird as fuck, but I was so into it.  It's a flexible needle that goes under the muscle of your cheek to safely put filler under the eyes. (I chose no numbing, but you can definitely get it). Immediately I looked fresher, no bruising (some may, but I typically don't bruise from filler).  I can't wait for the Botox to kick in to see the full results!


My Tailored Plan has another treatment to help with my under eyes in the future, but what I'm really excited about is the lift for my jaw line, to sculpt my jaw and to prevent neck sagging.  I saw her before and after on one man and was about to max out a credit card to get it done right then.

Moral of the story, if you're scared about getting Botox and filler because of pain or an unnatural look, there are so many options out there, just do your research!  

Dr Lisa Ginn SKINN @ LRG in DC (she also gave me the best lips I've ever had, and I've been to a certain Kardashian Dr)

Dr Lisa Goodman @ Good Skin Brentwood 

I guess I really like doctors names Lisa...


9/25 Session Update

Since I love to switch out what products I use, here's what I used on my most recent micro needling session.  

1. I prepped my skin by scrubbing with the Dr Lancer Polish, this is hands down the BEST granular scrub you'll ever you.
2. Numb 520 to numb before needling. One other super exciting thing I found was a double use for my silicone mask, I use it to keep sheet masks in place, but it also holds down the plastic wrap over my numbing cream, which ALWAYS falls off. 
3. You can get a micro needling pen similar to mine off Amazon, or you can go through the hassle of ordering off (though it takes a bit of back and forth)
4. Amore Pacific's new Vintage Single Extract Essence & Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Firming Serum to prep and give glide to the pen.  Also my skin has been dry as shit, so that Resveratrol Lift Serum is packed with Hyaluronic Acid to plump skin.
5. My skin has been pretty good lately, so I don't want to do an intense treatment after this session.  I'm using the Caudalie Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence as a first step its mild Glycolic exfoliating benefits.
6. I'm jumping back on the Perricone Thio:Plex, this did wonders after my last micro needling session, so I think its time for round 2.  Its also gone down to $89!  I pray its not being discontinued cause this is my JAM
7. Topping my treatment with SkinMedica TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream to calm my skin
8. Can't forget my current 2 eye products, the Biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel and Youth To The People Age Prevention Superfood Eye Cream, both have been treating my eyes good and not giving me an adverse reaction (my eyes have been all kinds of sensitive lately...)
9. Ending with some retinol.  I haven't been using retinoids much this summer due to so much time spent in the sun, so I'm keeping it easy and using my go to A313 to intensify my entire treatment.  Always a favorite!


I've always thought face tattoos aren't the best investment, but microneedling or mesotherapy, has been my obsession for the past year.  By request from everyone I know, here's the what, why, and how to's on my current favorite anti-aging treatment.

Let me preface this post by saying, I am not a licensed esthetician, dermatologist, or even a nurse.  I'm just an beauty industry veteran with a passion for staying young and willing to do whatever it takes.  All the information provided is based on my research and educated opinion, so take caution with this procedure


What is microneedling?  It's the process of puncturing the skin with a tattoo gun-like device at 0.1mm-2.5mm.  This is beneficial in 2 ways. 1. These punctures act like an irrigation system on the skin, creating pore-like holes that active skincare ingredients can penetrate deeper through, allowing them to treat the deeper layers of the skin where that they can't normally reach.  2.  These punctures are small injuries (that don't scar) so your body goes into repair mode, boosting collagen and plumping the skin, similar to how a laser works, just a different aggressor.  People see reduced acne scars, smoother texture, fine lines and wrinkles plumped out, and promote hair growth (I'm always sure to hit my eyebrows and hairline)

Microneedling vs Dermaroller - Microneedling goes straight down into the skin creating holes parallel to your pores, the creates less visible damage and is easy to heal. Dermarollers go in at an angle and can damage the skin.  Dermarollers are also difficult to sanitize, Microneedling uses 1 time use disposable needles.

How to use.

  1. I like to make sure there's no dead skin that can get in the way of the needles, so a gentle scrub or clay mask work great to make the skin smooth. I also use retinol products every day leading up to and at least 5 days after the procedure, this makes sure skin is its smoothest.
  2. This isn't the most pleasant feeling, it's like a tattoo all over your face. For anything over 0.5mm, I recommend numbing with lidocaine prior to treatment.  I use the LMK 4% lidocaine which can be purchased OTC at your local pharmacy.  Price ranges $30-$65 for a tube.  (I also just purchased Numb 520 from Amazon, it's way cheaper and 5% lidocaine and it works great) Applying a medium layer all over the face and cover with plastic wrap for 20-30min. You want the face VERY numb, especially the forehead, with the bone just beneath it, that part hurts the worst.
  3. After you've rinsed that off (please remember you can't feel your face, the product is probably off, it just feels weird) I clean the skin off with alcohol, you don't want any bacteria on the skin prior that could get into the holes.
  4. I like to put a treatment on the skin, depending on your concern, 1 to get the first boost into the openings 2 to give a slip to the gun to make the pen glide easier.  I usually use a hyaluronic acid serum and/or Vitamin C serum
  5. Now you're ready for the fun part.  Choose a needle , either 9, 12, or 36 prong.  Only do the 36 needle if you're ready to have a very red face for a few days.  Your pen should have a range from .25mm-2.0mm or 2.5mm.  You can go as high as 2.5mm on the face (forehead, cheeks, temples, chin, jaw, neck) .25-.5mm on the eyes and nose (be careful, men who have thicker skin can usually handle .5mm, women may .25mm especially on the nose) and .25mm on the lips.  I do not recommend needling the eye lids.  The deeper you go, the better the results you will have, but also the longer the down time.  If you start bleeding, you're doing it right.  My forehead will typically bleed at 2.0-2.5mm, if you find you're not bleeding, especially on the cheeks, try holding the skin taut.  You can do the 2.0-2.5 every 8 weeks, 1.0mm every 4 weeks, and .25-.5mm every 2 weeks.  I like to do the intense treatment every 8 weeks, and do the .25-.5mm at the 4 week mark before a mask, aha peel, and retinol.  Gliding the pen over the skin can be a little difficult at high lengths, so a stamping method may be needed, especially on the forehead, you don't want to feel the skin pull.
  6. Your face will be red and may be a bit bloody, take toner on a cotton pad and clean up the skin.  Follow with your active treatment - Vitamin C for brightening, Hyaluronic Acid to plump and hydrate, and/or Peptides for firming.  You may also chose to do a sheet mask and/or mild AHA peel, which will go super deep, so be ready for your skin to start peeling after a few days.
  7. Always follow your treatment with retinol, it just works.  Your skin will be red and irritated for 2-5 days but after that you get this "holy shit" glow that makes all that pain worth it

I've seen med spas charge from $500-$1000 per session for microneedling, doing it at home is way more cost effective, but please use caution! I don't want anyone stabbing their eyeball with a 2.5mm needle or getting an infection from reusing needles.

Where to buy

There are a lot of microneedling pens on the market, I have one similar to this one, but there are plenty out there.  Just be sure to get one that has a rechargeable battery, no body wants to deal with a cord.  Be sure to also get needles from the same manufacturer to make sure they fit your gun.  Please, never reuse needles, that's gross.

Prep Serums
I like something with a nice slip so the pen can easily glide.  Lately I've been using my essence, Dr Ci Labo VC100 Essence, it has amino acids, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and a nice slip that lasts, making it easy to glide the pen over your skin.

After Treatments

- Brightening
If your main concern is brightening, stick with a Vitamin C serum over after your treatment, as of lately, my favorite has been the Skin Medica Vitamin C + E Complex $58, I didn't love the silicone texture at first, but the results make it worth it.  For added brightening, use the Dr. Jart Brightening Solutions Mask $9 right after needling, before your serums, that mask kicks ass.

- Hyaluronic Acid
If your main concern is hydration and plumping out fine lines, go with a Hyaluronic Acid treatment.  I'm loving the Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift $95 and Dr Perricone Hyalo Plasma $135.  Boost up with a hydrating sheet mask directly after your treatment, I love the SK-II Facial Treatment Sheet Masks $17, $95, or $135, they kinda do everything and just make you look perfect.

- Peptides

One of my absolute favorite serums is the Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum $150-281 depending on where you buy it.  It's dual pumps contain "Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media" on one side (allegedly baby foreskin stem cells) and a bunch of antioxidants and peptides on the other.  If you can afford this Serum, it's definitely one of the ultimate anti-aging products, I ❤️❤️❤️ it.

- AHA Peels

Korres Wild Rose Petal Peel is an amazing 2 step peel that exfoliates and brightens with AHAs and Vitamin C.  I've used this one the most after my microneedling treatments and as a weekly treatment, its one of my all time favorites.

- Retinol

Minimum 5 days prior to and 5 days after microneedling, you should be using a retinol.  If you have sensitive skin, yes you will peel a ton and have dry irritated skin, but isn't it worth it for the results after?  If you have a Rx tretinoid, use that, if not, these are a few of the retinols I use.

Skin Medica has 3 strengths in their Retinol Complex - .25 for sensitive skin, .5 for more tolerant skin, 1.0 for those of us who use everything on the face and have no problems.  This is one of my favorite you can buy without a prescription.

A313 $33 is still probably my favorite, even more so than prescription.  I love the thick texture of this French Vitamin A cream, and usually apply it as the last step in my PM routine, it always gives great results, especially for the low price point.

After my treatment tomorrow night I will be trying out the Dr Perricone Thio-Plex Intensive 2 Step Brightening System $145 which is an all over mask and overnight spot treatment to brighten the skin.  I've been meaning to try it and what better time than the new year! For my eyes I'm gonna to use the new Murad Eye Lift Firming Treatment, I got some samples as Sephora 100 point perks and I've loved the results!

Down in the Grease Pits


One of the biggest questions skin questions people ask me is how to help their oily/combination or acne prone skin.  There are so many different ways to answer this, so I’m going to address the most common concerns I’m asked.

1.    Are You Oily?

Most people have a little oil in their t-zone by the end of the day.  This is normal; it doesn’t mean you have oily skin.  Truly oily skin will be shiny on the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and cheeks within a few hours of waking up.  Combination skin will be shiny in the t-zone by mid-day, but shouldn’t be too shiny on the cheeks, or may even be dry there.  Normal skin will have a slight shine to the nose maybe forehead by early evening.  Dry skin will look like the Sahara from the moment they wake up.  Your skin type probably changes based on where you live, visit, and time of the year.  I’m Oily on the East coast 8 months out of the year and on the West coast I’m Combination with a little dehydration all year.  Ugh the struggle.

2.    Cleansing

Oh you wash your face with your shampoo and wondering why you have clogged pores?  Well no shit brah, shampoo may get the beard nice and shiny but it isn’t going to help get your skin glowing.  Cleansing may be the most important part of an oily skins routine.  You need to find a perfect balance between detoxifying and exfoliating without stripping your skin completely. Your skin should feel smooth and slightly tight after it has dried off, not dry and patchy (sometimes you’ll see white flaking, no bueno).  If you strip your skin of all its natural oils, it may over compensate by creating even more oil.  I’ve used about 1,000 different cleansers, it definitely takes some experimenting to find which one works best for your skin, here are a few of my favorite oily/combination skin cleansers (some are good for all skin types as well)

Erno Laszlo Deep Sea Mud Soap $45 – Legit one of my all time favorite cleansers.  I started getting acne for the first time when I was 26, and my pores were massive.  A girlfriend told me to get this, and it changed my skin almost instantly.  Mr. Laszlo creating an special cleansing method: Fill your sink with warm water, dip soap in water, massage soap on face, rinse soap back in water and set aside, lather face, splash face 20 times with water in the sink, then 10 more times with clean running water.  I still do this cleansing method with most every cleanser I’ve used. Great for Normal-Oily Skin

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip $45– I hated this the first time I tried it as I was so use to a lather.  After tossing it aside for a few months, I revisited and fell in love.  You have to get use to a very mild cleansing feeling, but trust that your skin is clean and balanced.  It tightens pores, boosts radiance, stimulates circulation, and helps with irritation.  Great for Normal-Combination Skin

Milk Makeup Charcoal Cleanser $28 – Yeah I work for them now, so I gotta do a plug, but I have been using this for 2 weeks now and I’m liking it more than I thought I would.  This sulfate free cleansing contains charcoal from the Japanese Ubame oak tree + vitamin E, cleanses the skin gently without over drying.  Great for All Skin Types.

3.    Toning

I’ve used toner since I was 12, so I’ve always felt it a very necessary step in my skincare routine.  Oh your cleanser has a built in toner?  How?  That’s never made sense to me.  I apply my toner to a cotton square (Shiseido makes the best, you use less and makes your bottle last forever) and sweep it all over my face, excess cleanser and any remaining debris is seen on the square.  So how exactly is your cleanser doing that?  Yeah…  I have a very hard time finding a toner I like, there haven’t been many, these are the exceptions. 

Erno Laszlo Light Controlling Lotion $55 – I grabbed this after I fell in love with the soap.  When my skin is on the oilier side I love a little alcohol in my toner.  This one tightens pores, exfoliates, controls shine, and also has added humectants to bring hydration to the skin.  Great for Combo-Oily skin.

Belif Eucalyptus Herbal Extract Toner $28 – More recently I discovered this guy on a hunt for a less expensive toner.  Fell in love, even purchased a second time (which never happens).  This toner contains a blend of herbal extracts to control sebum and shine without stripping.  Great for Combo-Oily skin.

4.    Targeted Concerns

Black Heads
These are those black dots you seen on your nose, forehead, and chin.  What causes them is excess sebum and bacteria; these can turn into blemishes, so its good to take care of them.  I usually steam my face and squeeze my skin (works great on the sides of the nose) to get the blackheads out.  If done wrong though, it can leave some redness and scarring, so best to get a professional to do this.  Pore Strips are a great quick fix (I love the ones from SkinFood), but it’s best to maintain by cleansing and masking regularly.

Pores are where these black heads are chilling out.  Oily skin will have larger more visible pores, this is how the oil gets to the surface of your skin.  You can’t make pores smaller, you just can’t, sorry.  You can keep them clean though, which makes them look smaller.  Keeping good about your skincare routine helps, so cleanse, exfoliate, and mask regularly.  Now I have heard there are certain lasers that can help make pores smaller, but I’ve yet to experiment with them, have you?

These will be those pesky bumps on your skin that you want to pop, don’t, that’s how acne scars are formed.  For emergencies I like to use a Benzoyl Peroxide based spot treatment (Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix works great) but using them too frequently causes irritation, sun sensitivity, and your skin can build up a tolerance.  Stick to using it directly on blemishes and not on large areas.  Salicylic Acid is milder and great for more regular use to control blemishes and is usually in a gel texture that’s easy to smooth over acne prone areas and large pores (Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel).  If you have an event tomorrow and need that mammoth zit to shrink overnight, Sulfur (Mario Badescu Drying Lotion) is the way to go.  If you had chicken pox as a kid, this clearing method won’t look so strange to you.  Dip a cotton swab in the formula and apply the pink stuff directly to blemishes before bed.  This will shrink blemishes overnight allowing you to cover them more easily with makeup.

Cystic Acne
Cystic Acne is that crazy painful blemish you get that you can’t pop and hurts like hell when you touch.  I get these on my forehead and the tip of my nose a few times and year and I hate them so much.  I mean I’ve gone as far and sticking sterilized needles into them to pop them (I DO NOT recommend doing that, lesson learned).  Cystic acne comes from an internal bacteria (in most cases).  If you have severe Cystic Acne, topical products alone will not help, you need to see a dermatologist.  Anyone trying to sell you a topical saying it cures Cystic Acne is just throwing you a sales pitch and doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  In mild cases I’ve seen taking probiotics help (I take Natures Sunshine Bacillus Coagulans), but for severe cases a Dermatologist prescribed antibiotic is necessary.  They will usually prescribe a retinoid (Like my favorite A313) to apply at night to smooth at the skin and help with the scarring.

5.    Hydration

So many people with oily skin don’t moisturize because they think it will make them even oilier.  Note that I listed this topic as “Hydration”, Hydra=Water, oily skin can also be dehydrated, making it produce even more oil.  There are also tons of environmental aggressors and free radicals floating around you need to protect your skin from; this is where a moisturizer comes in.  I could list a million different moisturizers here, but unless oil control is your only concern, you should pick a moisturizer based on your skin concern, be it brightening, anti-aging, age prevention…  Just look for lighter weight formulas, usually water based formulas or products listed as lotion vs a cream.  Below are a few products I’ve used when looking to re-balance my skin and calm down the oil, these I’ve used as incremental treatments, then go back to my normal skin routine.

Clarins Lotus Treatment Oil $54 – I talked about this in a previous post.  It was the first all over oil I ever used and its still a favorite of mine.  Use every night directly after toning (while skin is still wet) for 3 months at a time to help rebalance.  Great to use as your night treatment in the hot summer and underneath clay masks as a booster.

Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm $42 – Even when my skin is oily, I love a rich texture on my skin!  This night balm is an emollient oil/wax blend that smells like happiness and leaves the skin feeling fresh and brightened in the morning.  Cleanses and purifies, re-balances, and reduces imperfections and inflammation.  Great for that dry-acne prone skin as well.  Also available in a purifying Serum/Oil that can be used during the day.

6.    Masking

More than any other skin type, masking is most important for oily and congested skin.  Cleansing and toning can only go so far without being to aggressive on the daily, that’s when adding that masking boost comes to play.  I love clay based masks and have gone through 100s of them.  These are best when trying to combat blackheads, control oil, and maintain clear skin.  Sheet masks are great for adding treatment into the skin, but they don’t pull anything out, so when you’re looking for that quick detoxifying fix, reach for the clay masks.  Use as needed, but not more than 3 times a week.  To add an extra boost to your mask, mix a drop or 2 of Tea Tree Oil with your toner right before masking.

Apivita Face Mask with Green Clay $21.70 - I grabbed one of these at a pharmacy in Spain and instantly fell in love.  Its not at all drying, but leave the skin feeling fresh and the pores diminished.

Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask $55 - This is one I've used for years!  Dispense the dual pump product into your fingers, warm it up, massage it in, and in 15 minutes your skin will look poreless!  Definitely must have!

7.    Exfoliation

Granular exfoliation stimulated the skin, which can make oily skin produce even more oils.  It can also spread bacteria around creating more blemishes.  I'm a big fan of chemical and enzyme exfoliants.  These work by breaking down the proteins holding dead skin cells to your skin.

Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel $60 - I talk about this one all the time cause its so damn good.  The powder foams up and removes all dead skin, leaving your face fresh and glowing.  A definite must have, and it last forever.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Blemish Control Pads $30 - These are like your old school Stridex pads, only they won't rip your skin apart.  You can use them after each time you cleanse to gently exfoliate while helping control oil and tighten pores.

8.    Foundation

You have all your skincare on and want to cover up some of your blemishes and/or control oil, but are scared that foundation will clog your skin.  There are definitely some foundations that should be avoided for oily/acne prone skin (I won’t name names, but it won’t “Fix” anything), but there are plenty of foundations that are amazing for your skin type.  Look for something oil-free, mattifying, liquid or powder based on your preference.  Personally, I like the flexibility of a liquid, you can work it into hard to cover blemishes, and adjust the coverage as necessary.  My favorite for oily-acne prone skin is the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid to Powder Foundation, yes I use to work for them, and I’ve seen it completely transform people’s skin.  I even wore it myself on an occasion as a spot treatment to hide blemishes and pores and my skin looked better when I look it off than before I had applied.

 When you do get shiny through out the day, be sure to have some blotting papers handy.  Just press onto the areas of concern to absorb oil.  I'm loving the Milk Makeup Roll + Blot, they're made out of hemp and double as rolling papers, whats not to love!

8 Bad Skin Habits

In my 15 years in the Cosmetics industry I've seen it all, the bad habits people have that don't know any better and the bad habits that they keep on doing even though they know they're bad.  Most the bad habits are ones I've personally had and over the years and regretted, but seen results from quitting.  Here are a few things that you should and shouldn't be doing

1.     I Don’t Wash My Face At Night
Oh you thought sleeping with a full face of makeup on was good for your skin?  So did Paris Hilton in her book Confessions of an Heiress, but I highly doubt she still is 11 years later.  I can't tell you how many girls sit in my chair, I'm removing their 17 layers of built up mascara and lash glue and all their lashes are falling out.  "Why do my lashes keep falling out"...  Um...  Well princess, the tar from your waterproof mascara and the lash glue you keep re-applying are clogging the hair follicles, making the hairs weak, and they're falling out.  Remove it every night.  Oh and those layers of foundation and colour you're wearing all day?  Pollution from the environment sits on top of their and when you sleep with it on, it all absorbs into your skin, leaving the skin red, blemish prone, and blotchy looking.  Even if you're not wearing makeup, remember that everywhere you've been during the day, a little bit of that is left on your face.  For those oh so lazy, buy some wipes (Ole Henrikson Makeup Removing Wipes are great and remove waterproof makeup) leave them by your bed and wipe away your sins before bed.

2.     I Don’t Use Eye Cream

So you wear eye makeup, tug and pull at the eyes applying and removing it eh?  Well that’s aging your eyes.  The skin around the eyes is super thin, which means it will age faster than the rest of your skin with no fat or collagen under it to make it look plump. I started using eye cream at 15, because I’m pretty neurotic about these things, but I recommend anyone over the age of 18 use an eye cream for preventative measures, day and night to help keep the skin hydrated and soft.   Try Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream is a good starter

3.     I Go Tanning

Oh how I took advantage of my unlimited tanning membership at 23

Oh how I took advantage of my unlimited tanning membership at 23

We all know better than to go to tanning beds, but I know, they feel like happiness and dreams, I had a tanning membership off and on from ages 16-26 and I’m fully paying for it now.  In our younger years we don’t think about the consequences, but so maybe of out parents can attest to the fact that sun damage doesn’t rear its ugly face until much further down the road.  You may love that deep brown skin now, but the deep brown sunspots will be an evil reminder in 20 years.  Now I love the beach, and will not stop going out in the sun all summer, there are “safe” ways to tan, use sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours.  The quicker you burn without sunscreen, the high the sunscreen you should be wearing.  I have medium olive skin, and don’t really burn, so I start my summer off with SPF30 on my face and SPF15 on my body, as the summer goes on I move to SPF15 Face and SPF6 body (Lancaster Sun Tan Deepener SPF6 is my JAM).  Am I still getting some sun damage?  Of course, but Istvan likes his colour and will burn off the sun damage with lasers and retinoids all winter.

4.     I Don’t Wear Sunscreen

Did you know you get more sun damage in your daily activities than laying out by the pool all day?  When you’re in the sun for an extended period of time your skin puts up its natural defenses giving you some natural protection (especially if you have a good amount of Omegas in your diet), but intermittent sun exposure causes the skin to only take in the bad.  I recommend wearing an SPF30 daily.  Now I am definitely a culprit of this bad habit, at 12 years old I would wash, tone, and moisturize w/ SPF15 every day, as an adult I NEVER wore sunscreen.  Only until about 2 years ago did I start using a sunscreen regularly, and its made the biggest difference in my skin.  I hate the texture of most suncreens, they either burn or make my skin itch like fire ants are crawling all over.  Experiment, see which works better for you skin either mineral or chemical or a combo of both.  Mineral sunscreens reflect light (Titanium and Zinc) and last longer, but sometimes the small particles can irritate the skin.  Chemical sunscreens (Those crazy names you can’t pronounce) absorb light so it doesn’t hit your skin, and lose potency after 2 hours.  My skin reacts best with a combo heavy on the chemical side, I love the Tony Moly My Sunny Watery Sun Gel SPF30, it feels like water that goes on and disappears.

5.     I Don’t Moisturize

I can’t tell you how many people I have told me “Oh I have oily skin, I don’t need to moisturize” um yeah you do.  Remember me talking about all the pollutants in the air?  They all sit on your skin throughout the day causing free radical damage, aging, acne, redness, and irritation, basically jacking up your skin.  If you balance out your oily skin by adding a little water based moisture (Dr Jart+ Water-Sure Gel is great) it won’t produce so much oil and your skin will feel balanced.  I’ve also heard a lot of people saying nothing has worked for them and they’re using coconut oil as their moisturizer, all the people who have said this to me have the worst black heads I’ve ever seen, like black black black blackheads, its gross.  If you’re going to use coconut oil, don’t skimp; buy that $30 bottle from Whole Foods.

6.     I Eat Like Crap

When I was 19 I moved out on my own, and like every child on their own I ate exactly how I wanted, McDonalds, Pizza Rolls w/ Ranch, and Haagen-Dazs.  Now I did know to get a bottled water with my McDonalds order, I quit soda at 15 and the small amount of acne I had immediately went away.  The saying “You are what you eat” does have a lot of merit.  A diet rich in Omegas (salmon), Good Fats (olive oil, avocado), lots of water, and Anti-Oxidants (think of eating an entire rainbow of colourful fruits and vegetables) helps keep your body happy and your skin glowing from within.  I completely understand that this isn’t so easy to do every day, especially if you travel a lot and have a busy schedule.  I make sure to get all my missed nutrients in pill form, having a mother who’s a Naturopathic Doctor has definitely helped with this!  I take vitamins, omegas, an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity aka anti-oxidants), minerals, herbal supplements, and probiotics every day to keep my health up and my skin refreshed.  If you’re interested in a supplement regime I’m more than happy to help you out, shoot me an email at or visit my Natures Sunshine page to scout out the supplement brand I’ve been taking for almost 20 years.

7.     I Don’t Exfoliate

You can have the most expensive face cream in the world, but if you have a bunch of dead skin piling up, the moisturizer won’t make it past the first layer of your skin.  It’s important to sloth off those dead layer 2-3 times a week, this stimulates the skin and reveals a brighter more radiant complexion, and also allows for your products to work so much better!  I’m personally a fan of enzymatic and chemical exfoliates vs. a physical/granular exfoliatant.  The Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel is my favorite exfoliator, the $60 bottle will last at least a year, I had a bottle for 2 years once, I swear it replenishes itself.

8.     I Don’t Get Facial

Sometimes all the steps you’re doing at home just don’t cut it and you need to boost up your routine.  A visit to the estheticians office can help you get your skincare routine back on track!  I love to go get a facial massage, chemical peel, and micro current facials.  These are great supplements to your routine, if you can afford them, go once a month, if its something you can’t do all the time, save up and go twice a year, your skin will thank you. 

If you’re in SoCal go visit my girlfriend Jessica at Definitions Salon and Spa 951-371-3410 she’s taught me so much about skincare and tools I can’t even begin to explain

If you’re in the DC Area, my girlfriend Laura at Green Revolution Skin Studio 301-656-2000 will hook your skin up with the best natural and organic products out there

9.     I Overdraw My Lip Liner

So this doesn’t have to do with skincare, it’s just a faux pas that annoys the shit out of me.  When you overdraw your lip liner the only person you’re fooling is yourself, save some time (and embarrassment) and go get some filler.