#RIP Review


So I just finished the Dr Perricone Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum.  This I've been using for 4 months, twice a day on my upper lid and under eye.  You use so little of this light weight liquid, as the tiniest drop can cover both eyes.  Let me just tell you, tight and bright.  I can see how this would be amazing for someone 50s+, it really helps to lift the eye lids!  After my normal 5 hours of sleep, it really woke up my eyes.  An upside to me, that may be a down side for others, is that its so light that I can layer another cream over top of it, which I suggest as this one isn't very hydrating.  I think it also helped a bit with my dark circles.  I would recommend this to anyone 30s+ (with 40s+ seeing the most improvement from it), who need a bit of tightening around the eyes, be it from sagging lids, or tired under eyes.  4/5 Stars $115 a bottle at Sephora and 100% worth it for as long as this product last me.