Vitamin Oui


If you haven't heard of the legendary Avibon, you're probably not that big of a skincare fanatic.  If you have heard of, then you probably know it's been taken off the market for "reformulation" (I emailed them, it's never coming back). Fortunately there's a substitute, A313.  I ordered this online when I found out about it and immediately fell in love with it as part of my winter brightening routine. It's a Vitamin A cream (retinol), less potent than Avibon, but similar to our prescription retinol creams.  I noticed smaller pores, smoother skin, diminishing fine lines, and brighten skin within a few uses.  It does cause some initial redness, peeling, dryness, and irritation, as do all retinols with any strength, but those side effects fades after about a week.  I suggest applying this over your night cream for less irritation, that's how I use it every or every other night.  If you're headed to France, bring a picture, every pharmacy I went into had no clue what I was talking about, and I went into every one I walked past. I recommend this to anyone and everyone, like Botox and sunscreen, retinols are something everyone should use to keep their skin looking younger.  4.5/5 Stars available on Amazon around $30