Natura Bissฤ“ has been a favorite skincare brand of mine since I worked at Barneys New York in 2008.  I remember the compliments I received on my glowing skin the first time I used the C+C cream and how I sold Donatella Versace the Diamond Extreme Eye Cream after becoming obsessed from using it for 3 months.  So when I saw they were launching a C+C Oil-Free MacroAntioxidant Sun Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (longest name ever), it went to the top of my must have list.  Being someone who had a tanning membership as a teenager and refused to wear sunscreen until a few years ago, my fight to reverse sun damage has been a new obsession.  

I'm very sensitive to sunscreens, most mineral sunscreens make my skin itch and most chemical sunscreens give me blemishes.  This magical little number does neither.  Up until I lost it in Ibiza, I was using it every day over top of my day moisturizer.  It has a beautiful creamy texture that doesn't have a heavy weight to it.  My skin was protected and glowing every time I use it.  The Tang-like smell it very reminiscent of my childhood, and since I won't touch that sugary poison every again, this will subdue the cravings.  

I would recommend this to any combo-dry skin needing some extra radiance and a fantastic SPF 30. 

5/5 Stars $60 Available Here