Oh Canada



From the moment I first saw May Coop's Raw Sauce I just had to have it.  I saw it online first, then again at a conference I was attending, it was stalking me, it's gorgeous glass packaging and unique brand story of nutrient maple tree sap.  I mean, I load up the maple syrup on my gluten free waffles, and I attempted the Master Cleanser which tasted pretty good (but unsuccessfully lasted 2 days).  After it finally became in stock online, I finally ordered the Raw Sauce.  I was sold on its presentation, the Korean facial essence even came in its own beautiful pouch like a pair of Prada loafers.  Then I used it...  I thought "okay, that felt lightweight, let's see what this does". Then day 2, looked at my skin, "okay maybe this takes a few days", nope, it did a whole lot of nothing.  The Raw Sauce boasts 93% Maple Tree Sap plus a slew of Asian herbal and fruit extracts, but I all I seemed to feel was the alcohol (ingredient #2).  I tried to stick to it, but switched to another essence mid way, which I finished, then, since I spent the $43, I decided to give it another shot and finish it.  I have a few more days left of it and can't wait to ditch it.

I don't recommend it, and I give it 2/5 Stars, only because the packaging is amazing.  This just became available at Sephora for their K Beauty animation, if you've tried it and loved it, I would love to know why.